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Posted on 22nd May 2015 by De Moura

Europe’s rich heritage provides the backdrop for some of the most talented artisans who are producing wonderful handcrafted objects with a rich defining heritage.  Here we take a look at five of our favourites originating from some of the most iconic regions of Europe.  Inspirational Mediterranean décor, beautifully handmade European ceramics and stunning decorative objects are among the collections which have been sourced from places as diverse as the Parisian region of Ile-de-France, Florence, the long established home of the Italian textile trade and design since the famed Renaissance period, the traditional silver manufacturing region in the heart of England, and the wonderful rolling landscape of Provence in the South of France.  Whether it’s interior design ideas for a living room or luxury bedroom decor inspiration, the provenance of these unique objects adds to their presence.  Not only are you literally able to hold a piece of history in your hands but also, they make exquisite luxury home accessories.  The intriguing history and traditions that lie behind these creations provides a sense of echoes from the past and bring an added interest to the art of arrangement.  To discover more about adding character and charm to your home by a careful selection of bespoke handmade objects, follow the links below.   Less is more and for those with a discerning taste in luxury interiors these lovingly handcrafted artisanal products should particularly appeal to those who seek an additional significance to their luxury home decor purchases.

Swedish Textiles – Pure Linen Cushion Covers | Fresh Floral Scandinavian Design

We love these enchanting pure linen cushion covers which have been handmade in Sweden and decorated with the designs from the artisan’s own original watercolour paintings.  The delicate floral designs exude sophistication and make a vibrant and exclusive finishing touch.

Parisian Wall Clock | 99, Rue de Rivoli, 99

Painstaking attention to detail by our artisan in the Parisian region of Ile-De-France has produced this limited edition wall clock. Bearing the name of the fashionable Parisian shopping street, its numerals blend seamlessly with the subtle undertones of the clock face, which have been painted entirely by hand; granting a sense of depth and presence that would grace any room.

Tuscany | Italian Craftsmanship

In the idyllic Florentine foothills lies a small picturesque village where artisans work to handcraft unique objects.  Enthused by a passion for their craft, each new design undergoes a complex process, from the initial sketch to final intricate detailing to produce wonderful ‘statement’ pieces that add drama to any setting.  Check out our blog post on Tuscan Design for more.

Provençale Rustic Ceramics

The enchanting French region of Alpes-Maritimes is held in high regard for its decorative ceramics.  Handmade at every stage, these wonderful ceramics exude charm and character.  They are rustic by nature, produced using ancient handcrafted moulds, some of which date back over one hundred years.  See our blog post on Provence to discover more.

English Silver | The British Tradition Of Afternoon Tea

The elegant British pastime of afternoon tea is a custom synonymous with 19th century high society, which has retained significant popularity at London’s finest hotels.  Now, there are just a few English craftsmen remaining that supply these revered establishments and they have produced this exclusive fine bone china tea service, complete with silver plated three-tier cake stand. 

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