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Posted on 8th April 2015 by De Moura

Just outside Florence, the Apennine foothills are speckled with picturesque villages, and it is here that artisans know the real ‘pleasure of creation’ crafting Italian decorative objects inspired by traditional Tuscan architectural features.

Ancient hilltops protrude from the mist in central Tuscany.

With a passion for their craft, each newly created object undergoes a complex process.  From the initial inspiration starting from just a sketch, every design passes through many stages and is refined until an intricate prototype mould is produced, from which the object is finally formed.  Finishing involves intricate detailing and is skillfully applied with great attention to detail, through the application of methods such as decorative painting, fine gold leaf and antiqued patina to create each unique piece.

Truly original designs, undeniably Italian and inspired by the local Tuscan architecture, are crafted in these Florentine studios - there is no mass production here.  Each creation is handcrafted in plaster, faithfully adhering to the Tuscan traditional style to produce a decorative piece that justifiably brings a touch of class to its surroundings.  Sophisticated and exclusive, these beautiful decorative objects are designed to appeal to those with a discerning eye.

This square artisan lamp is one of our favourites, and is perfectly proportioned.  The understated design is based on an architectural feature found in an old Tuscan church.  Complete with shade, this lamp would make a discerning finishing touch and tasteful addition to any room.

In addition to table lamps, other ornamental pieces are also created in the studio including handmade mirrors, a classic Italian bust, decorative panels, architectural features and even an intriguing recreation of a fragment of an old Tuscan fireplace, all of course, irresistibly Italian.   An inspired selection of genuine Tuscan wall décor is a particular specialty.


Fragment Of An Old Fireplace


When one sees how something is made, one understands its value and appreciates its worth.   These pieces represent authentic Italian craftsmanship.  They bring a sense of creation and add character, together with charm and an interesting story behind each one.  Tasteful decorative objects reflecting genuine Italian interior design provide luxury home accessories, which will make unique home furnishings.

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