Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Posted on 2nd February 2017 by De Moura

The one day in the year on which love and romance are celebrated has some unusual origins unbeknown to the most.  The special occasion derives its name not too surprisingly from Saint Valentine, a Roman priest born in Terni in 176AD, who became prolific for his fervent Christian faith in defiance of the Roman Emperor of the time, Claudius Gothicus, who forbade proselytising on pain of death. 

It is claimed that he was able to restore the vision of a blind adopted daughter of a judge, who then pardoned him and underwent baptism.  The Saint’s activities were brought to the attention of the Emperor, who at first took a certain liking to him, but his fatal error was his attempt to convert the Emperor to Christianity, which resulted in his execution. 

Legend has it that Saint Valentine would marry couples who had been secretly dating in order to avoid the husband having to fight in wars, but none of this has a base in recorded history.  Regardless of the mixture of myth and legend, 14th February has become known as Saint Valentine’s Day since the 14th century, due in part to Geoffrey Chaucer, who alluded to its romantic connotations in his poetry.

To help you celebrate this annual occurrence, we have put together a simple guide for some original Valentine’s Day gifts guaranteed to impress both ladies and gentlemen alike.


Gifts for Ladies

Handmade Ceramic Crowns from Sweden - £39

Handcrafted Plant Pot from Sweden

Provençal Heart Plates – From £26

Romantic Heart Plates from Provence

Italian Square Based Lamp – Handcrafted in Tuscany - £495

Square Based Italian Lamp from Tuscany

Gifts for Gentlemen

Le Nez du Vin – From £69

Le Nez du Vin - Assembled by hand in Provence

Montegrappa Leather Washbag in Black Calf Leather – Handmade in Italy – £149

Black Leather Washbag with Red Trim by Montegrappa

Watercoloured Albion Desk Globe by Bellerby & Co. - £1,149

Watercoloured Globe by Bellerby & Co.

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