Luxury Leather Accessories Handmade in Italy


Pinetti, a leading manufacturer of luxury leather goods, was founded in Bergamo, Lombardy in 1983 to amalgamate the long tradition of Italian leather craftsmanship with a contemporary flair for design, espoused by Milan's position at the forefront of all things beautiful.  The company has its roots in architectural practice, which is in evidence through the design process, with an emphasis on sharp, striking contours and bold innovation where others had shied away.  

Since its fouding, the company has grown both domestically and internationally ande deveioped a reputation for fine craftsmanship and attention to detail, proof of which is found it bespoke commissions for clients of exceptional prestige, such as Aston Martin and Assouline.  

Browse our selection of original leather accessories from Pinetti, ranging from journals and notebooks, to washbags and briefcases.

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