Watercoloured Globes
The World's Finest Globes - Handcrafted in London - Final availability before Christmas.

Bellerby & Co., founded in 2008 in London by Peter Bellerby craft the world's finest globes entirely by hand, producing beautiful, innovative designs while respecting the traditional methods of globemaking from centuries gone by.

Unrivalled in their craft, globes by Bellerby & Co. now have pride of place in some of the most maginificent settings around the world, and will become heirlooms to be passed down to future generations.   The company has received wide ranging attention in the press, both in the UK and overseas, including articles in the TelegraphFinancial Times and airtime on The One Show to name but a few.

At our Prestbury showroom, we hold a range of globes from Bellerby & Co. in stock, including various models of tactile omni-directional desk globes, to the larger, more the traditional Livingstone variant.  For the ultimate luxury globe, there is simply no competition.  To discover more, contact us or visit the store in Prestbury, Cheshire, just half an hour from Manchester city centre.

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