Bellerby & Co. Albion Desk Globe - Reed Green - Walnut Base


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The Albion's sleek profile allows hand-turning of the most select hardwoods each with a unique character and intricate grain. This exclusive collection features strictly limited edition runs allowing the showcasing of rarer woods whilst respecting their origin.

Each intricate part of the globe-making process is carried out by hand in the London studio of Bellerby Globes by a team of skilful craftsmen, ensuring every globe is created with meticulous attention to detail.

The maps are first cut into segments called "gores" which are hand-painted in layers, achieving rich colour washes and contrasts.  Finished gores are painstakingly affixed from pole to pole, more layers of watercolour are added and finally a strong resin bond is applied to ensure durability.

The globe sits in a handcrafted base fitted with innovational ball-bearing fixtures, ensuring a multi-directional smooth spin.  An engraved plaque is inscribed with the limited edition and model number, and the finished piece is presented in a bespoke flight case to ensure the highest level of protection.

An exceptional globe that will become an heirloom for future generations, featuring a Walnut base, and 'Reed Green' watercolours with extra detailing.

  • Reed Green Watercolouring
  • Handcrafted and Watercoloured in London
  • Weight: 2kg
  • Diameter: 22.9cm
  • Bespoke Flight Case
  • Limited Edition number engraved on Base