Lusterware Spanish Pottery - Cofre Arabe

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Why we love it

In an exceptionally rare testimony to the enchanting artifacts bequeathed on Andalusia during the Moorish period, these extraordinary pieces of decorative ceramics, arguably represent the most faithful reproduction of loza dorada to date; adhering strictly to the labour intensive practices devised at the time of the Caliphate.  

For those intrigued by their historic value or with a fine taste in interior design, these pieces confer originality and sophistication.  Their inspiration derives from the Moorish patrimony which, combined with the creative prowess of our artisan, has yielded a sublime result.

Cofre Arabe - This beautifully shaped piece with its smooth flowing lines has a peaked lid and eight decorative ovals encircling the body alternating with a floral design and caligraphy pattern.  Finished in cobalt blue with contrasting gold.  A perfect example of Hispano Moresque lusterware. Al Andalus inspired design

Please note, these are handcrafted pieces and as such, variations/imperfections are an inherent characteristic and should not be regarded as a fault.

  • Medium H 20 D 20 cm
  • Large H 30 D 28 cm
  • Handmade In Granada
  • Limited Edition Of 200