Handpainted Portuguese Guitar


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This limited edition handcrafted Portuguese guitar, designed for De Moura and hand painted in Porto, features the archetypal blue and white azulejo tiles on display throughout Portugal. Perfect as a unique wall feature. 

The Portuguese guitar is emblematic of a rich cultural legacy dating back to the early 18th Century when Portugal’s national musical genre, Fado, appeared on the scene. 

Stemming from the country’s maritime heritage, its melancholy style reflects the very essence of Portuguese national identity. Long associated with the concept of saudade, a word that translates as ‘longing’ or ‘yearning’, the unique features of the Portuguese guitar, such as its short neck and the twin pairings of twelve strings combined with Preston Tuners collectively create it its unique tone and resonance. 

So unique is fado, that UNESCO recently endorsed its status through its designation as intangible cultural heritage. May this guitar be a tribute to the its legacy.

  • Handcrafted and painted in Portugal
  • Limited Edition of five